In sports, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sports can teach a person early on that despite their efforts and hard work, others can win. These lessons can be learned at local events, playing with your friends, or even at the highest level of competition, like when the Nigerian basketball team did not have a good time at the 2020 Olympics.

Learning these lessons early on makes life easier to handle. There are always ups and downs and rarely does one get to stay on the top, consistently.

This is true for sports in real life, as well as virtual sports, video games to be specific. Not everybody is up for a game of fast-paced basketball, but they might be up for a quick mobile game.

iOS devices are very popular and given our current topic, here are the best sports video games for iOS devices.

WWE Undefeated

People love WWE. It is physical entertainment at its peak, only overshadowed by the UFC. WWE Undefeated is a great mobile game that plays like an arcade game most of the time. However, once you level up, the game starts looking more like an RPG. Leveling characters differently will result in a different playthrough.

The game is a great addition for anybody who prefers a fast-paced game and loves WWE.

Pocket Pool Run

Video games that have an arcade theme have become much more popular than regular games. When you have challenges and other people competing to meet them, then the game becomes more entertaining. Competing is great, so developers like Zach Gage make the game have traditional appearances with a twist.

Pocketing the balls is not the only goal here, but also the location and the time of the pocket. Scratches cost you lives. There is the option of a more traditional pool for those who want a simple pool experience.

Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League is a very popular game on the PC and consoles. It is a great sports game that most didn’t expect, but ended up loving. Trying to score a goal with cars that can almost fly, what can be better than that?

Well, the same thing, but on mobile devices. Psyonix delivered a great product, designed specifically for mobile devices.

Football Manager 2022

Manager games have always been popular and the 2022 edition of Football Manager proves that. With annual releases, Football Manager shows how the public still loves management and business simulators. 

Transferring players, building teams, training the players, making strategies, match plans and in the end, winning and profiting, Football Manager 2022 does it all.

Touchgrind BMX 2

The first version of the game, released in 2011, was a hit. It comes as no surprise that its successor is also a hit. Extreme sports are not for everybody, particularly when you have in mind how easy it is for anybody to get injured. 

With Touchgrind BMX 2, the only risk of injury is to the fingers, from too much gameplay. 

These are some of the best sports games for iOS devices that you can play at the moment.