Sports are best enjoyed whenever we can watch them. Watching sports is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon after a difficult day. And while some find enjoyment in only watching sports matches, others prefer watching sports matches while using Best Cheltenham Betting Offers to make their pastime more enjoyable.

Getting results or even better, watching sports live from a mobile phone is possible nowadays. There are many streaming services that are dedicated to sports. However, not all of them are free. In fact, most of them are not. There are streaming sites, so here are the best ones if you want to watch sports on your smartphone.


Stream2Watch is actually a great site that takes you to other sites which offer free streams. It is more of a stream aggregator than an actual streaming service. However, given that it is free, it is absolutely littered with ads. This is problematic for some people, but a free sports stream still has to be paid somehow and for most people, ads are alright.


CrackStreams, while a good site, does not offer that many sports. Boxing and MMA are the most covered, as are similar fighting sports, but that is about it. There is some NBA here and there, but be vary if you want a site which will cover all sports. This is not the one Plus, you should be using a VPN while streaming on this site – it goes without saying..


A site which offers watching sports for free with not that many intrusive ads that ruin the experience? Where does one go? Well, to SportsSurge. This site is actually well-made and offers a great schedule which can be sorted according to many criteria. It offers a lot of sports so one can watch anything from tennis to basketball, football, baseball and more. It has some great quality streams, which is another reason to give it a try, particularly given that it is free.

VIPRow Sports

This is another site which offers free streaming of more than 30 sports. This is great for people who want a specific, smaller and less covered sport to watch. However, the site is not without flaws. All free streaming sites have many ads and this one is not an exception. The ads can be annoying as they pop up with every click on a link. It takes a while getting into a stream without ad blocking tools.

Watching sports streams online for free is possible, but one has to deal with advertisements and jump through various hoops. Using a VPN is also recommended, to protect one’s information and privacy. 

Even after all that, these are the best free sports streaming sites, to be watched on smartphones or desktop computers.